Zulu Cultural Experience

If you would like to experience authentic Zulu culture, allow Africa Tour to customize a program suitable to your requirements. Zulu, which means people of heaven, are a proud nation that treasure their heritage, are friendly and always hospitable; displaying an unyielding loyalty to their inkosi (traditional leader). The Zulu language is rich and expressive, very often punctuated with distinctive click sounds.

Africa Tour offers day tours to local zulu homesteads where you will experience true zulu culture, as well as 2-3 day “Basic to Basic” and “Back to Route” programs where you will have the opportunity to spend extended time with the Zulu families. Our Back to basics program involves living and learning taking you back to grass roots; it gives you a wonderful opportunity to learn about the various fascinating traditions of Zulu culture and how these people still live today. Be part of the daily tasks, fetching water, milking of cows, gardening, cooking, working in the plantations and so much more………

Community upliftment, if you would like to contribute your expertise into skills and development to a community based in Zululand, this is your chance!!!